Audio Demos


  • Source Connect/Phone Patch/Zoom/Skype
  • Recording Booth
  • Audio Technica AT4040 Mic
  • Deity S-Mic 2S Shotgun Mic
  • DAW Software: Adobe Audition & Logic Pro X
  • Apollo Twin MKII Audio Interface
  • Focusrite Scarlet Solo Audio Interface

About Larry

Larry’s #1 goal is to put a smile on the listener’s face while selling your product, service, or entertainment piece at the same time. He is the voice of your next-door neighbor, the guy telling you jokes at the office water cooler, a silly character you might find living in ToonTown, everyone’s favorite Dad, or that smooth-talking radio personality.

Latest Work


“This guy has got a voice I could easily see on a Nickelodeon cartoon from when I was a kid! He can do really great cartoon voices! Fast turnaround time, good sound quality – I can’t think of a single way he could improve!” – Manor Mansion Studios
“I had the pleasure of working with Larry on a Fortune 100 client. He’s very attentive and always willing to go the extra mile. Great impressions and inflections and delivery with every line. I highly recommend!” – Stealth Creative Agency
“That was beyond our expectations! Excellent match with the tone and idea of our video. Great quality of recording, timing and diving into our idea with heart.” – EDM Prod


2 Hours of Session Work

50 lines each with 3 alternative takes, and you get this fun 2 1/2 minutes of behind-the-scenes of me recording a Source Connected session for east coast fast-food chain, “Friendly’s”. Whew, that was a mouthful.

Check out the other 3 spots here:

Spot 1: Pledge

Spot 2: Fries

Spot 3: Food Pics

When Bugs Fly

I’M A FROG! ….. in a new children’s animated series… Very proud to be able to share the official trailer* from a sweet little story of a slug who wishes he could fly. Based on the book series, “When Bugs Fly”, written by Joni Nowak, turned into a colorful and wonderful animation for children. I am the voice of Fletcher the Frog. It’s debuting in the animated film festival circuit and hopefully to a streaming service near you!

Commercial Demo

Allow my fun, dynamic, energetic, and professional voice to sell your product!

Animation & Videogame Demo

A fun combination of funny cartoon voices mixed with more intense videogame characters.

Black Bear Diner...Feed Your Inner Bear!

I enjoy making “homemade spots” for my favorite places to eat.

Moose Toys

I’m a kid at heart and love toys.  I created this “fan-made” 15-second spot for the folks over at “Moose Toys”.

Just Being Myself

My dream has been to be crazy characters in animation!  But you know, sometimes it’s just fun being me… in cartoon form. Here’s a clip from a new YouTube series I’m on…  The Toonly’s.

Character Voices - Your Friendly Auto Mechanic

Don’t you wish your local auto mechanic was as honest and friendly as this guy? I sure do.

Character Voices - Your Everyday Mobster

“Do you know ME?”
This guy’s all thumbs… you don’t want to end up alone in a sewer with him…

Character Voices - Alien Negotiations

“All is fair in love and planet takeovers” This Space Commander doesn’t quite have the negotiation skills of the great Captain Kirk.

Character Voices - Shopping with the Wife

“I’m gonna get a heatstroke!” A comedic monologue for those who are NOT fans of shopping. Who’s with me?

Character Voices - Crazy Ol' Cowboy Villain

What if A Crazy Old Cowboy was A Villain Mastermind? A little character comedy for you. Taking my “go-to” crazy ol’ prospector voice and mashing it with a potential video game villain. It could happen.

How We Make the Donuts

Here’s a quick sneak peek at what goes on during a “live directed” voice over session with a client*. Lots of fun, a little stressful, but the pay off is big!


The Color of War: History Channel Series

Never before seen color footage was found from World War II was made into a 13 part series narrated by Peter Coyote for the History Channel. There was no audio with the footage so the show’s creators had narration plus additional characters voiced to tell stories along with the footage. I had the privilege of voicing one of the characters.


As a child, Larry always wanted to be a Muppet…er a puppeteer. Collecting various puppets from the local toy stores, Larry became obsessed with creating voices and performing them through his puppets for his family and friends.  
During his childhood, he also loved creating rhythms by taking wooden spoons and smacking them on all of the pillows on the family couch.  He started studying the drums at the age of 8 and played in all of the school bands available through high school including the Northern California Honor Band.
Then college came and he got the acting bug and completed a degree in Theater.  After college, he performed in local repertory theater and then made the big move to Southern California.  He continued his acting studies with the world-famous Groundlings improvisational troupe and then joined and performed with the comedy group, Hauska Comedy.  Larry had the privilege to perform with Hauska Comedy at legendary Hollywood comedy clubs such as The Comedy Store and the Ice House.  Over the years Larry has worked in several fields in the entertainment industry. Larry has worked as a music composer for music libraries, a professional drummer,  a sound f/x editor and sound designer for film, and an on-camera commercial and indie film actor.
Larry has now come full circle back to his childhood dream of creating voices, thanks to the inspiration of his daughters who loved when he would read them bedtime stories using funny voices and his puppets.